Foto:©Fabian Brockmeier

Elena Martino was born in Turin, Italy. She is an Italian dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and aerial  silk dance artist. She studied at the "ZZT" Center for Contemporary Dance (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz,Köln). During her studies she worked with choreographers like  Yaron Shamir (Israel), Ivan Perez (Spain), Stefan Dreher (Germany) , Didier Theron (France) and  Anouk Van dijk ( Holland).

Since graduating, she has worked as a dancer in various projects in collaboration with artists of different disciplines (dance, Site Specific, music, video) both in NRW as well as in other countries.

In 2013 she worked in a European Project „Rivers of Europe“, based on connecting different culture along the Danube thought dance, music and art. A European collaboration between Jivko Jeliazkov from the Derida Dance Company (Bulgaria), Ilona Paszthy( Köln) and Pro Progresione ( Budapest).

Since 2013, she collaborated with the "Der Weiße Knopf" as dancer and choreographer.

Early 2014, she created her solo "Oxum", a piece of and above the water.

At the end of 2014, she began a collaboration with the circus / theater project "Convoy Exceptionell", as dancer, choreographer and Aerial silk dance artist.

Now in 2016 she is creating her new Solo“ Sleepy Biuti“ a dance and aerial dance Solo about the line between reality and dream.

In addition to her artistic works, Elena Martino taught contemporary dance for children, adults and professionals dancer in Cologne, Troisdorf, Berlin and Italy.